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Real Estate Market Holding Strong Amid COVID19 Pandemic

Estate Who13.com

2 hours ago DES MOINES, Iowa — Many industries are changing from in person to online during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the real estate industry. Despite the industry seeing an overall downtick in people selling and buying, realtors say it’s not all negative. “Real estate is holding strong. We had two percent appreciation from last year. That’s a […]

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Website: https://who13.com/news/coronavirus/real-estate-market-holding-strong-amid-covid-19-pandemic/

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America’s Most Expensive Home for Sale: $195 Million

Estate Who13.com

3 hours ago The estate is owned by real estate mogul, Jeff Greene, who bought the place as an investment and rents it out for $475,000 a month. In fact, Greene barely spends any time at the Beverly Hills estate, instead preferring to spend time at his home in …

Website: https://who13.com/news/americas-most-expensive-home-for-sale-195-million/

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Property Values Up in Polk County, Here’s What Homeowners

Property Who13.com

1 hours ago The new assessments showed up in mailboxes across Polk County this weekend. Most homeowners saw their property values jump by more than 10 percent. Royce Johns is a young homeowner in Elkhart and just saw his property value jump $30,000 and his taxes will likely go up with it.

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Website: https://who13.com/news/property-values-up-in-polk-county-heres-what-homeowners-should-know/

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Selling a Home in 2016? Here’s What You Need To Know

Early Who13.com

4 hours ago Many homeowners remember the fallout that the housing bust had on real-estate prices. Even though most investors think of the financial crisis as having hit its peak in 2008 and early 2009, it took three more years for home prices to hit bottom. Yet since early 2012, prices have climbed higher, and the Case-Shiller National Home Price Index is

Website: https://who13.com/news/selling-a-home-in-2016-heres-what-you-need-to-know/

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Petition opposes possible storage facility at former east

Building Who13.com

7 hours ago DES MOINES, Iowa — East Des Moines neighbors are making their opinions known about a vacant department store site through an online petition. The former Gordmans on Hubbell Avenue closed a year ago, but the building sold for $1.2 million last month to a company which builds self-storage facilities. In response, Heaven Chamberlain created a […]

Website: https://who13.com/news/petition-opposes-possible-storage-facility-at-former-east-des-moines-gordmans-store/

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Real Estate Agencies Find Another Way to Conduct Business

Closing Who13.com

9 hours ago WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — One of the final steps to buying or selling a home is the closing meeting. Since closing meetings can no longer take place in office settings, real estate agencies are holding drive up closings. This entails a client meeting a closing manager or real estate

Website: https://who13.com/news/coronavirus/iowa-impacts/real-estate-agencies-find-another-way-to-conduct-business-with-drive-up-closings/

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Missing Realtor’s Body Found in Shallow Grave who13.com

Phone Who13.com

8 hours ago The mysterious disappearance of the 49-year-old resonated among fellow real estate agents, who posted their fears on a Facebook page set up for sharing information about her case. Carter’s last phone call to her husband came Thursday afternoon, telling him …

Website: https://who13.com/news/missing-realtors-body-found-in-shallow-grave/

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CenturyOld Des Moines Building in Process of Being

Building Who13.com

5 hours ago DES MOINES, Iowa — Benchmark Real Estate Group has a lot of work ahead in its efforts to rehab a historic building in downtown Des Moines. The last tenants of 1723 Grand Avenue in the Argonne building moved out in March. V.P. Development Services at Benchmark, Jackie Nickolaus, said the project is estimated to cost […]

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Website: https://who13.com/news/century-old-des-moines-building-in-process-of-being-renovated/

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Johnston Finding its ‘Identity’ with New Town Center

Hansen Who13.com

4 hours ago Hansen Company and Hansen Real Estate were selected by the city for the project. Both of the companies are based in Johnston and said being able to make something like this happen for their town that they grew up in and now they are raising their kids in, is special. “It gives us a place in the community for us to gather and to hang out.

Website: https://who13.com/news/johnston-finding-its-identity-with-new-town-center/

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Inside Look: Wooded Urbandale Estate to be Sold at Luxury

That’s Who13.com

1 hours ago URBANDALE, Iowa – The multi-million dollar estate owned by businessman Ted Townsend went on the market more than a year ago. He’ll sell it later this month in a way that’s unique to Iowa. The more than 9,000 square foot home is located on Oak Brook Drive in Urbandale in a secluded woodland. “To have […]

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Website: https://who13.com/news/inside-look-wooded-estate-to-be-sold-at-auction/

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$16M Project Approval Hopes to Inject Life Into West Des

Benchmark Who13.com

4 hours ago Benchmark Real Estate Group plans to break ground on the first building of the Keystone on 8th project in the spring of 2020. Despite the yes vote, developers still need to go through platting and site plan approval. They hope to have both buildings finished by the end of 2021.

Website: https://who13.com/news/16m-project-approval-hopes-to-inject-life-into-west-des-moines-midtown/

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Crews Break Ground on New Federal Courthouse who13.com

Prime Who13.com

8 hours ago Even though crews already started work city officials and residents still aren’t happy that the prime real estate won’t be utilized for commercial development to benefit the city and its residents. “It is a prime example of wasteful government spending. There is absolutely no need for a new building.

Website: https://who13.com/news/crews-break-ground-on-new-federal-courthouse/

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Former City Clerk Accused of Stealing From Taxpayers

Fees Who13.com

6 hours ago $7,200.00 for marketing and real estate services for entrepreneurs, and $5,365.73 at various grocery stores. $1,798.57 of fees included late fees, finance charges, electronic payment fees, over limit fees, and foreign transaction fees. State Auditor Mary Mosiman also reported $69,351.29 in payments Billings issued to herself.

Website: https://who13.com/news/former-city-clerk-accused-of-stealing-from-taxpayers/

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West Des Moines Opens Up New Amphitheater Thursday for

Amphitheater Who13.com

9 hours ago WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — The metro’s newest amphitheater is now open and is preparing for its first big event Thursday night. The Jamie Hurd Amphitheater is complete and standing next to the city hall on the West Des Moines campus after almost a year of construction. “We had the groundbreaking ceremony for the amphitheater […]

Website: https://who13.com/news/west-des-moines-opens-up-new-amphitheater-thursday-for-illumifest/

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Interest rates for operating loans increase slightly

Interest Who13.com

9 hours ago Interest rates are up a bit for operating loans. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, the slight increase is still historically low for the first half of the year. The average rate on non-real estate loans was about 30 basis points higher …

Website: https://who13.com/news/agribusiness/interest-rates-for-operating-loans-increase-slightly/

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Metro Organization Helps Veterans Find Loans to Finance

Veterans Who13.com

7 hours ago DES MOINES, Iowa — A metro organization is working to get veterans easier access to home loan programs. On Saturday, realtors helped veterans and active duty members find available loan programs to get them into their first home. The Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals hosted the event. Leaders say some veterans don`t know they […]

Website: https://who13.com/news/metro-organization-helps-veterans-find-loans-to-finance-their-first-homes/

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Youth sportsplex in Grimes scheduled to be completed in

Grimes Who13.com

4 hours ago GRIMES, Iowa — A new place to play in Grimes might not open as soon as planned. The Grimes Plex and Hope Entertainment District along Highway 141 could be delayed because of a nationwide shortage of construction materials as well as unpredictable weather. Hope Development and Realty is the company behind the project. The youth […]

Website: https://who13.com/news/youth-sportsplex-in-grimes-scheduled-to-be-completed-in-spring-or-summer-of-2022/

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1,100 Unit Hubbell Development Planned in Des Moines

Hubbell Who13.com

5 hours ago DES MOINES, Iowa — Hubbell Realty hopes to start on massive undertaking in Des Moines later this year. The realty company wants to take 75 acres of land and turn it into a 1,100 unit development called Gray’s Station. The development, which Hubbell says will feel more like a neighborhood, will take up space between […]

Website: https://who13.com/news/1100-unit-hubbell-development-planned-in-des-moines/

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CYBERSQUATTING SUIT: Trump Awarded Damages Over Domain

Trumpmumbaicom Who13.com

6 hours ago NEW YORK (CNN) — A Brooklyn man who registered domain names related to real estate mogul Donald Trump must pay $32,000 damages, a judge ruled Friday. J. Taikwok Yung, a self-described “domainer” developed four websites — trumpmumbai.com, trumpindia.com, trumpbeijing.com, and trumpbudhabi.com — parodying the well-known businessman and providing commentary, often …

Website: https://who13.com/news/cybersquatting-lawsuit-trump-awarded-damages-over-domain-names/

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MORTGAGE FRAUD: Federal Prison For Granger Man who13.com

Kramer Who13.com

9 hours ago A Granger man has been sentenced to more than seven years in federal prison in connection with a mortgage fraud scheme. Forty-three-year-old Paul Kramer was sentenced Monday on wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy charges. Officials say from 2006 through 2009 Kramer used his mortgage company and real estate closing company to defraud lenders out […]

Website: https://who13.com/news/mortgage-fraud-federal-prison-for-granger-man/

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Iowa State University Unveils Potential New MultiUse

Development Who13.com

8 hours ago AMES, Iowa — Iowa State University unveiled an ambitious, potential reboot of what is now a parking lot, located directly across Jack Trice Stadium. By relocating the lot, the university would free up about 41 acres of floodplain, making it open to development. The goal is to make this space into a multi-use development district.

Website: https://who13.com/news/iowa-state-university-unveils-potential-new-multi-use-development-district/

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Does Emoluments Clause Apply to POTUS? Legal Expert

“There’s Who13.com

5 hours ago “There’s just a concern that because he hasn’t created a completely blind trust and these are real estate developments and hotels where people can stay and therefore pay him money,” Kendle said. However, the Trump and his staff have doubled down, saying that the president does not financially benefit from his office.

Website: https://who13.com/news/politics/can-elected-officials-profit-from-office-legal-expert-explains/

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White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Obama vs. Trump the


2 hours ago WASHINGTON — He’s a real estate mogul, a reality show pioneer and now a political phenom on his way to becoming the Republican presidential nominee. And that success sets Donald Trump up for a different role on Saturday night: punch line. As President Barack Obama polishes his annual — and final — tart-tongued stand-up riff […]

Website: https://who13.com/news/politics/white-house-correspondents-dinner-obama-vs-trump-the-sequel/

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Why these Obama Voters are Backing Donald Trump

Trump Who13.com

Just Now The support Trump is drawing from independents and even voters who have tended to vote for Democrats in the past exemplifies the non-traditional nature of the real estate mogul’s campaign. And that support could prove to be critical for Trump here in a …

Website: https://who13.com/news/politics/why-these-obama-voters-are-backing-donald-trump/

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