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Real Estate Law Experienced legal counsel Rochester

Estate Wagnerlegalmn.com

4 hours ago Real estate law covers the rights to possess, use, and enjoy land. The attorneys at Wagner Oehler, Ltd. are experienced in a variety of real estate transactions, including purchases and sales, lender's title insurance, farm land transfers and leases, commercial contracts, 1031 exchanges, and transfer on …

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/realestate-law

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Title & Closing Services Closing Company

County Wagnerlegalmn.com

3 hours ago Real estate closings must be handled with great care and attention to detail. We have extensive experience handling farm and residential real estate transactions throughout Southeastern Minnesota, including in Winona County, Fillmore County, Mower County, Wabasha County, Goodhue County, Olmsted County, and Dodge County.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/title-company

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Do You Own Rental Property? How Proactive, Comprehensive

Taxes Wagnerlegalmn.com

4 hours ago Tax Advantages Through 1031: While many think of estate planning and LLCs as strategies to save on death taxes and provide for heirs, we can help with much more - including real estate law. A 1031 exchange is a vehicle to defer taxes from the sale of rental property.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/do-you-own-rental-property-how-proactive-comprehensive-estate-planning-can-help

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Coowning Land: What is a Partition Action?

Estate Wagnerlegalmn.com

6 hours ago In either case, division of property is a complex process and should only be handled by an experienced real estate attorney. There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration, including title issues, tax and capital gain issues, and easements. Our office has been handling real estate matters and

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/co-owning-land-what-is-a-partition-action

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Elder Law Asset Protection wagnerlegalmn

Protection Wagnerlegalmn.com

9 hours ago Our attorneys are also experienced in estate planning, probate, real estate, farm law, and business law, allowing us to provide the unique guidance needed for the protection assets of individuals with an interest in small businesses, farm land and equipment, and commercial real estate.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/elder-law

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My Will does not Mention my Cemetery Lot, What Happens to it?

Vehicles Wagnerlegalmn.com

4 hours ago For the most part, there are very few limitations on what can be conveyed by a Will, as a correctly executed Will can convey real estate, money, art, vehicles, flowers, intellectual property, business interest, companion animals, and this list could go on almost endlessly.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/my-will-does-not-mention-my-cemetery-lot-what-happens-to-it

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Property Taxes: Farmers Must Plan Carefully to Keep

Homestead Wagnerlegalmn.com

9 hours ago With the first half of real estate taxes recently being paid, most of us probably took a good look at our property tax statements. For farmers, the Agricultural Homestead classification represents significant tax savings. There are a number of ways to obtain Ag Homestead – the most common being simply living on and farming the land. Farmers can even “link” farms together to extend …

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/2015/05/22/property-taxes-farmers-must-plan-carefully-to-keep-agricultural-homestead

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Margaret Cook Attorney at Law wagnerlegalmn

Planning Wagnerlegalmn.com

3 hours ago Margaret Cook is an attorney at Ward & Oehler, Ltd. Her practice areas include estate planning, probate, medical assistance planning, and guardianship/conservatorship.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/margaret-cook

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Estate Planning 101: An Introduction to Basic Estate

Attorney Wagnerlegalmn.com

8 hours ago A power of attorney typically includes broad powers, including the powers to pay bills, sell or mortgage real estate, and make investment decisions. A power of attorney is a durable power of attorney when it contains language that allows the document to remain effective even if you become incapacitated or incompetent,

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/2019/02/14/estate-planning-101-an-introduction-to-basic-estate-planning-terminology

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Transferring Assets after Death

Below Wagnerlegalmn.com

6 hours ago Attorney Jennifer A. Gumbel explains how we help transfer assets after someone has passed away in the video below. Providing as much information as possible early on in the process helps our attorneys with the legal process.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/transferring-assets-after-death

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Thirteen Estate Planning Terms You Need to Know

Estate Wagnerlegalmn.com

2 hours ago Generally, anything a person owns, including a home and other real estate, bank accounts, life insurance, investments, furniture, jewelry, art, clothing, and collectibles. Beneficiary A person or entity (such as a charity) that receives a beneficial interest in something, such as an estate, trust, account, or insurance policy.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/thirteen-estate-planning-terms-you-need-to-know

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Blog Ward & Oehler, Ltd.

Estate Wagnerlegalmn.com

4 hours ago Real estate encompasses not only one’s primary residence but also other real estate such as a vacation home or a rental property. The ideal 71 views 0 comments

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/blog

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Estate Administration 101: TransferonDeath Deeds and

Medical Wagnerlegalmn.com

7 hours ago For example, Mary is the grantee beneficiary on a TODD for real estate owned by her father, John. John’s wife, Jane, died ten years ago, and jointly owned the property with John at the time of her death. Mary’s attorney submitted an Application for Medical Assistance Clearance, which showed that while John did not receive Medical Assistance

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/2019/10/03/estate-administration-101-transfer-on-death-deeds-and-medical-assistance-recovery

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Estate Administration 101: When is Probate Required?

Estate Wagnerlegalmn.com

9 hours ago If real estate is involved (and there is not a joint owner), then the estate must be probated in order to properly transfer title to the real estate. There are also instances in which a probate may still be preferred to using the Affidavit for Collection, such as where it would be difficult or impossible to transfer title or ownership to a

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/2019/05/16/estate-administration-basics-when-is-probate-required

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The Estate Planning Process: Where to Begin?

Estate Wagnerlegalmn.com

7 hours ago The best place to begin with your estate plan is when you are healthy and of sound mind. While this may seem obvious, it is important to remember that estate planning is not something that can be done in reverse.This means that if a person dies or becomes incapacitated without having completed the estate plan, there is not much more that can be done.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/the-estate-planning-process-where-to-begin

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Estate Planning Experienced legal counsel serving

Attorney Wagnerlegalmn.com

5 hours ago A power of attorney is a legal document in which you designate and empower someone to make financial decisions on your behalf while you are living. A power of attorney typically includes broad powers, including to pay bills, sell or mortgage real estate, and make investment decisions. The person designated is known as the attorney-in-fact.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/estate-planning

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The Uncertain Future of the Estate Tax

Estate Wagnerlegalmn.com

4 hours ago The Democrats argue that the estate tax prevents family dynasties and promotes the distribution of property. The historic result? While the federal estate tax still exists, the amounts exempt from estate tax keeping increasing (when I started practicing law in 1978, the federal estate tax exemption was $134,000; the exemption in 2016 is

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/2016/11/21/the-uncertain-future-of-the-estate-tax

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Alyssa K. Jerde Attorney at Law wagnerlegalmn

Alyssa Wagnerlegalmn.com

2 hours ago Alyssa K. Jerde is an attorney at Ward & Oehler, Ltd. Her practice areas include estate planning, probate, farm and business law, and real estate.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/alyssa-jerde

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Harmless Error Law for Wills Now in Effect

Estate Wagnerlegalmn.com

7 hours ago One of the provisions is the so-called "harmless error" law for wills. This law has the potential to bring much needed flexibility to estate planning during this pandemic and allow vulnerable individuals to more readily work with an attorney right now. As always, careful attention is still critical to properly drafted and executed estate plans.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/harmless-error-law-for-wills-now-in-effect

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Take Your Power Back from COVID19: Estate Planning Steps

Accounts Wagnerlegalmn.com

1 hours ago The list should include bank and investment accounts, titles to vehicles and homes, credit card accounts or loans, digital accounts (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and passwords, Social Security cards, passports, and birth certificates, which may be needed to manage your property if you become ill, or to settle your estate if you pass away.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/take-your-power-back-from-covid-19-estate-planning-steps-to-protect-yourself-and-your-loved-ones

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How to Share Family History and Heirlooms with Your Estate

Property Wagnerlegalmn.com

8 hours ago Many states, including Minnesota, allow you to include a “personal property memorandum” in your estate plan. Your will or trust should specifically reference this document, which lets you describe which items of tangible personal property you wish to leave to heirs, without having to call your lawyer and arrange for a meeting.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/how-to-share-family-history-and-heirlooms-with-your-estate-plan

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Opinion: Tax bill injects uncertainty into planning for

Property Wagnerlegalmn.com

Just Now As part of the omnibus tax bill, HF 848, passed by the Minnesota legislature over the weekend, the legislature has directed the commissioner of revenue to review the estate tax’s definition of qualified farm property and its linkage to the property tax classification of the property during the three-year period following the death of the decedent. The commissioner is to issue a report to the

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/2016/05/23/opinion-tax-bill-injects-uncertainty-into-planning-for-farmers-2

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Blog Ward & Oehler, Ltd.

Changes Wagnerlegalmn.com

1 hours ago New MN Estate Tax Relief Retroactive to January 1, 2017 - or is it? The tax bill includes changes to the estate tax. These changes increase the overall estate tax exemption from $2 million (currently being ph

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/blog/page/5

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4 New Year's Resolutions for Savvy Small Business Owners

Continue Wagnerlegalmn.com

8 hours ago A properly drafted estate plan can help you ensure that your business is able to continue operating in the event of your death or incapacity, preserving the value for your heirs and loved ones. A succession plan and an estate plan can help minimize disputes and provide a path for your business to continue to operate successfully.

Website: https://www.wagnerlegalmn.com/post/new-years-resolutions-for-savvy-small-business-owners

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