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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the perfect vacation rental?

On top of several open trails, it's easy to find restaurants and accommodations around Mount ... Before hitting the trails, check Friends of Acadia for updated conditions. Rentals are easily accessible around the island, too. While Sand Beach in Acadia ...

How to find the best vacation rental homes?

  • Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky says we are entering a "golden age of travel."
  • A report from vacation-home manager AvantStay named the best spots to invest in vacation rentals.
  • Places with national parks that are easy to drive to and small Southern cities dominate the list.

How to setup a vacation rental?

Step 1: Analyze the market

  • Location. Is your property near a tourist spot or resort? ...
  • Seasonality. Now that you know what kind of people will likely rent your property, you have to analyze what months it will likely be fully-booked.
  • Demand And Supply. Research how many people are gonna visit the place, and how many available vacation rentals or hotels nearby.

How to set rates for your vacation rental?

The rent should cover:

  • Your PITI mortgage payment (if you have one),
  • Maintenance and repairs on the property and
  • Vacancy costs.
  • In addition to this, landlords may be able to put, on average, zero to six percent of the rent in their pocket each month as a profit.

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