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5 hours ago Rainbow factory, a MLP animation when you have the fate of Scootaloo in your hands. Rainbow factory, a MLP animation when you have the fate of Scootaloo …

Rating: 6/10(115)

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Rainbow Factory (An MLP Roleplay) (2 users) Gaia …

Just Now Jammers: A group of ponies that stop the Factory workers, and try to save the lands. Factory Workers: The Rainbow Factory's workers. They retrieve the next victims, and are the only ones who know what goes on within the walls Pony: A regular Pony, Unicorn, or Pegasus that tries to live their everyday lives

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Rainbow Factory Creepypasta Wiki

1 hours ago To become an employee of the upper Rainbow Factory meant sacrificing any life outside those black walls. Workers are sworn to secrecy and forbidden from leaving, and live inside the facility itself. Those few who ever managed to make it …

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Game Jolt Games for the love of it

8 hours ago This could be the first Rainbow Factory game also! I remember that long ago (way way before I got into MLP which was in 2020) around the prime of MLP, a few years after the release of Rainbow Factory (The fanfic), there was youtube videos of the soundtrack of a work in progress Rainbow Factory game that would have you playing as Scootaloo and

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Rainbow Factory All MLP Songs Wiki Fandom

3 hours ago Lyrics. [WoodenToaster] Now a rainbow's tale isn't quite as nice. As the story we knew of sugar and spice. But a rainbow's easy once you get to know it. With the help of the magic of a pegasus device. Let's delve deeper into rainbow philosophy. Far beyond that of Cloudsdale's mythology. It's easy to misjudge that floating city.

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Rainbow Factory Game by SpectraSus on DeviantArt

2 hours ago game gamers rainbowdash scootaloo gameprogress rainbowfactory pegasusdevice spectrasus. Hei everyone! Yesh, that's a one of progress I've made for the game what we working at! There will be many animations, comics and more! Hope you like it ♥. Image details. Image size. 150x150px 366.6 KB.

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Rainbow Dash Adventure My Little Pony Games

2 hours ago Game Description: Play new game Rainbow Dash Adventure for free online at our website Gamesmylittlepony.com. You can play this game in your browser, your mobile and enjoy it for free. In this game, you will meet again my little pony Rainbow Dash. As you know, she is a pony that loves much make adventure and she always explore new land.

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Pegasus Device Game

5 hours ago You and your pegasi colleagues at the secretive Rainbow Factory are determined (or not) to help fulfill the pegasi duty of weather control to withstand the wrath of Discord. How it works: Each round, a pony is up for sacrifice. All players reveal their vie (bid) simultaneously on how unethical they are willing to be to kill the pony.

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Rainbow Dash (Rainbow Factory) Creepypasta Files Wikia

1 hours ago Rainbow Factory: In the original story, a group of young Pegasi find themselves sent to a death-camp known as the Factory, designed to create rainbows via mutilating "failed" Pegasus and using the remains as a means to form the …

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Powtoon MLP ~ Rainbow Factory. DOWNLOAD BELOW!

1 hours ago By Eveylps232 Updated: July 31, 2014, 3:15 p.m. Loading Slideshow Video. At the moment Powtoon presentations are unable to play on devices that don't support Flash. Sign up for free!

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Mlp Rainbow Factory Quizzes

Just Now Browse through and take mlp rainbow factory quizzes. Browse through and take mlp rainbow factory quizzes Love & Friendship Movies Music Online Media Personality Scary School & Academics Science & Tech Sports TV Video Games Other Paranoia sparkle Pinkamena Factory dash slaughter shy and Little miss Rarity. (sorry for no apple jack)ENJOY

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Rainbow factory creepypasta

3 hours ago Slender Man 30. The factory manufactures rainbows out of gasoline, arsenic, . My Little Pony #1673334. zerochan » My Little Pony. I take a look at one of the most iconic grim dar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of rainbow factory?

(Jake or Arne) Pegasus Device (aka Rainbow Factory, aka The Pony Killing Game, aka The Pony Survival Game) was created by Torsten Pihl (aka ThorGoLucky ). Thanks to the brony community for the Rainbow Factory.

Is this a rainbow factory map from the show?

This is a map based off a story called The Rainbow Factory. I started it around July 2011 and finished in April 2014. This looks nothing like the Rainbow Factory from the show! Yes, sadly i somehow missed that episode and only very recent i actually saw what it looked like.

Is there an animated version of rainbow factoy?

A comic by DOOM1945, which the original author, AuroraDawn, calls "outstandingly beautiful" and has posted on the fic's official FIMFiction page, illustrates the ending. BronyDanceParty, created an animated PMV for the song "Rainbow Factoy" on January 13, 2012.

How many chapters are there in rainbow factory?

The story is segmented into a prologue and six chapters; each chapter except the last one is preceded by a two- or four-verse quote from the song by Glaze. Except for the prologue, the story is told in the third person and primarily from the perspective of Scootaloo. "Rainbow Factory" is set in Cloudsdale.

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