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Arson Q13fox.com

7 hours ago Real Estate. No articles found. Latest News View More. 2 critically injured in SeaTac apartment fire, arson investigation now underway. Smoke, extreme heat pose harsh test for West Coast vineyards.

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/tag/consumer/real-estate

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Housing prices expected to continue to rise in Puget Sound

Years Q13fox.com

3 hours ago Real estate experts say the residential housing market in the Puget Sound region is not on a bubble; they expect soaring home prices for maybe years to …

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/housing-prices-expected-to-continue-to-rise-in-puget-sound-region

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Real estate agent discovers man and baby dead, woman

WHATCOM Q13fox.com

1 hours ago WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — A real estate agent found two people dead and a third person injured Sunday inside a home near Bellingham. Sheriffs say …

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/real-estate-agent-discovers-man-and-baby-dead-woman-injured-in-home-near-bellingham

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Market trends: Why Burien and White Center could be the

Economist Q13fox.com

8 hours ago Windermere Real Estate’s chief economist Matthew Gardner stopped by Q13 News This Morning to weigh in: Local economist talks Puget Sound real estate trends Get Q13 News & …

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/market-trends-why-burien-and-white-center-could-be-the-next-real-estate-hotspots

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Where to buy a 3bedroom home for $1,000

"That's Q13fox.com

6 hours ago "That's what's going to reestablish the real estate market in this town." The idea is to get more people into homes like Kate Daughdrill, who bought a three-bedroom house at …

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/where-to-buy-a-3-bedroom-home-for-1000

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Want to protect your scenic view? You can buy the 'air

Angeles Q13fox.com

9 hours ago Real estate agents say residential air rights aren’t as popular in Seattle as they are in places like Los Angeles or New York, but the trend here is growing, and as Seattle’s population

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/want-to-protect-your-scenic-view-you-can-buy-the-air-rights-above-homes

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Zillow buys another househunting giant

Information Q13fox.com

7 hours ago The two real estate portals have transformed the housing market over the past decade by making information that was once only available through realtors easily accessible to consumers.

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/zillow-buys-another-house-hunting-giant

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Many property owners could shoulder part of cost to build

Plan Q13fox.com

9 hours ago The waterfront project is expected to cost $700 million, but a portion of that money has yet to be raised. The city says it has a plan, and if that plan turns into reality, many property owners

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/many-property-owners-could-shoulder-part-of-cost-to-build-seattles-new-waterfront

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'Tacoma has grown, rents have definitely gone up but

Tacoma Q13fox.com

3 hours ago Tacoma real estate. Tacoma real estate "When you think of everything being built, they are all 98-100 percent full," he said. "So does that mean we still need more housing? Yes."

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/tacoma-has-grown-rents-have-definitely-gone-up-but-theyre-still-not-close-to-seattles

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Washington House approves tax on sale of highprofit

Would Q13fox.com

3 hours ago Retirement accounts, real estate, farms and forestry would be exempt from the proposed tax. The measure, which would take effect Jan. 1, is expected to bring in about $450 million a …

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/washington-house-approves-tax-on-sale-of-high-profit-stocks-bonds

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Washington man who escaped prison following $100M Ponzi

Federal Q13fox.com

3 hours ago Federal prosecutors in Washington state alleged that Berg began the nearly decade-long scam in 2001 and used investors' funds to sign contracts, buy real estate

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/washington-man-who-escaped-prison-following-100m-ponzi-scheme-possibly-went-to-brazil

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Tacoma's hot housing market continues to defy area trends

Tacoma Q13fox.com

4 hours ago Real estate experts say the growth is also more than just the Amazon effect. “The secret is out Tacoma is the place,” Madrid said. They point to Point Ruston development, downtown’s

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/tacomas-hot-housing-market-continues-to-defy-area-trends

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Pierce County home prices seductive for Seattle buyers

Estately Q13fox.com

2 hours ago But mass transit stations will also have a mass impact on the selling price, according to a report by real estate tech firm Estately. “At stops that are there right now, (houses) cost quite a

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/pierce-county-home-prices-seductive-for-seattle-buyers

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10 years after housing peaked, U.S. is more of a renter nation

House Q13fox.com

8 hours ago Through a string of subsidiaries, the house is owned by Blackstone, the world's largest real estate private equity group. Previously, the house …

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/10-years-after-housing-peaked-u-s-is-more-of-a-renter-nation

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Washington expands property tax relief for seniors and

Washington Q13fox.com

1 hours ago SEATTLE -- New laws enacted in Washington will expand property tax relief programs to seniors and disabled citizens, according to the Washington State Department of …

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/washington-expands-property-tax-relief-for-seniors-and-disabled

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Tacoma’s Hilltop residents fight back against gentrification

Tacoma`s Q13fox.com

7 hours ago Tacoma`s Hilltop residents fight back against gentrification. Tacomas housing market continues to be one of the hottest in the nation, but with real estate booming some people cant afford to …

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/tacomas-hilltop-residents-fight-back-against-gentrification

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Suspect in Arkansas Realtor murder wanted to plead guilty

Fears Q13fox.com

4 hours ago The mysterious disappearance of the 49-year-old resonated among fellow real estate agents, who posted their fears on a Facebook page set up for sharing information about her case.

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/suspect-in-arkansas-realtor-murder-wanted-to-plead-guilty-because-he-wanted-this-to-be-over-with

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Everett's real estate market booming despite fears about

According Q13fox.com

3 hours ago According to Zillow, the Everett real estate market is very hot right now, with home values going up more than 11-percent in the last year. They are expected to …

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/everetts-real-estate-market-booming-despite-fears-about-paine-fields-growth

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Facebook to buy REI's Bellevue campus in $368 million deal

Facebook Q13fox.com

4 hours ago Facebook, which opened its first Puget Sound office in 2010 with three engineers, now employs more than 5,000 workers in dozens of locations in Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond.

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/facebook-to-buy-reis-bellevue-campus-in-368-million-deal

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Homeland Security agents raid Duggar home in Arkansas

Begin Q13fox.com

1 hours ago Josh Duggar was sued earlier in 2019 for real estate fraud and that trial is scheduled to begin next year. The patriarch of the family, Jim Bob Duggar, served in the Arkansas House of

Estimated Reading Time: 1 min

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/homeland-security-agents-raid-duggar-home-in-arkansas

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Body of missing Arkansas real estate agent found in

Fears Q13fox.com

8 hours ago The mysterious disappearance of the 49-year-old resonated among fellow real estate agents, who posted their fears on a Facebook page set up for sharing information about her case.

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/body-of-missing-arkansas-real-estate-agent-found-in-shallow-grave-33-year-old-man-arrested

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EXPLAINER: WA tenants get modified eviction reprieve

Rates Q13fox.com

9 hours ago Data on multifamily units of five and larger from CoStar Group, a real estate research firm, shows that as the economy reopens, demand for housing in Seattle is coming back after vacancy rates

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/explainer-wa-tenants-get-modified-eviction-reprieve

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Company surprises employees with $10 million in bonuses at

BALTIMORE Q13fox.com

9 hours ago BALTIMORE, Maryland (WJW) - One of the largest commercial real estate firms in the Mid-Atlantic will pay a surprise $10 million bonus to all 198 …

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/company-surprises-employees-with-10-million-in-bonuses-at-holiday-party

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Capital gains tax signed into law in Washington state

Inslee Q13fox.com

1 hours ago Inslee said the measure was "a big stride to more justice of overturning the upside down tax system which has been so unfair to Washingtonians for so many decades.". Retirement accounts, real

Website: https://www.q13fox.com/news/capital-gains-tax-signed-into-law-in-washington-state

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Real estate is generally a great investment option. It can generate ongoing passive income and can be a good long-term investment if the value increases over time.

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