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Pedego Electric Bikes Harrisburg Celebrates Community With

3 days ago

Pedego Harrisburg is owned by Michael, Denise and Drew Soisson. In addition to operating their Pedego store, Michael is the senior vice president at a Harrisburg-based healthcare company, and Denise works for the Department of Transportation. Before joining the Pedego family, Drew had a career in residential real estate.

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New Pedego Electric Bikes Store Cruises Into Sarasota

5 days ago

Prior to opening their Pedego store, the Whites spent 21 years running a successful real estate company, and both are also lifelong cyclists. They discovered Pedego after Marc recovered from knee surgery and was thrilled with the life-changing, pain-free fun of Pedego bikes.

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Pedego Harrisburg

5 days ago

Drew coaches and is in real estate. So we appreciate the importance of exceeding the customer’s expectations. Pedego makes a fantastic product that makes exceeding expectations easy and Pedego Harrisburg will be known for its customer loyalty. Pedego bikes are top of the line. As a traditional cyclist, the integration of the gearing and the

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New Pedego Electric Bike Store In Gilbert Hosts Grand

Just Now

Michael owns a staffing business in the commercial real estate industry in New York; however, since the COVID-19 pandemic struck through the U.S. Michael saw a lapse in his business. Michael was first introduced to Pedego through his brother-in-law who is a partner at the Cape May location, and after he tried one of his electric bikes– he

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Pedego Electric Bikes Opens In San Antonio

1 days ago

Pedego San Antonio co-owners Payal Kakadiya and Alex Powell offer fun electric bike rides. Prior to opening their Pedego store, both Kakadiya and Powell graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio and started their own businesses in real estate and insurance, respectively.

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Pedego Southlands Zooms Into Denver Suburb

4 days ago

The Kinslows are experienced small business owners with a successful history in real estate. “My son and I are outrageously busy realtors in our area,” explained Sandy. “We are in the top 3 percent of sales in Colorado and top 10 percent nationwide.” Mark Sr. retired from management at United Airlines last year, and he was ready for his

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20 Best Pedego Electric Bike Tours In The World Pedego

8 days ago

This scenic tour takes you to the tip of Balboa Peninsula where you’ll pass by some of the most impressive Newport Beach real estate with gorgeous views of the harbor and California coast. You’ll ride to the famous “Wedge” at the end of the Peninsula, world famous for its waves and surfing, and known to produce giant waves up to 30 feet

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The 20 Best Pedego Electric Bike Tours In The World

3 days ago

There is no better way to see the sights than on a comfortable seat of a Pedego electric bike. And that’s something all Pedego riders and POG members can

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Pedego is the best brand of electric bikes on Earth because we put people first. The most important part of every Pedego isn’t some high-tech gadget or fancy bicycle component – it’s the person riding it. Producing great eBikes is just the beginning. To be truly great, a company has to stand for something…. Pedego stands for you.


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Real estate is generally a great investment option. It can generate ongoing passive income and can be a good long-term investment if the value increases over time.

How much can you make in real estate?

Real estate is often a referral-based business. Those who are involved in the business longer typically are the most successful. Those with 16 years or more experience earned the highest real estate income: approximately $78,850 on average.

What is the best real estate market?

Dallas tops the list of real-estate markets over the period studied, exhibiting strong price appreciation, while remaining a market in which investors saw strong rents relative to property values.

What is the most expensive real estate in the US?

Manhattan real estate is the most expensive in the US per square foot with some properties topping $10,000: Study. Move over San Francisco — the Big Apple tops Silicon Valley as most expensive place to live in the United States, a new study shows.

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