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Real Estate Fraud Victim Lawyers Real Property Lawyers

8 hours ago Lawyer Referral Service: If you fell victim to real estate fraud and have suffered monetary loss, Attorney Search Network can help you find a real estate fraud lawyer who will assist you in …

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Real Estate Fraud: Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

4 hours ago A real estate lawyer would caution against signing any document without consulting legal representation, avoiding anything that appears suspicious and to always ask questions. If …

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Real Estate Fraud Attorney LegalMatch Law Library

5 hours ago If you have been charged with the crime of real estate fraud, then you should contact a fraud lawyer. The attorney can explain the charges against you, advise you of your …

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Federal Real Estate Fraud Defense Lawyer Hedding Law Firm

6 hours ago Federal Real Estate Fraud Defense Lawyer. Due to the economy and other circumstances, real estate fraud has increased tremendously. As a consequence, the Federal government has …

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Real Estate Fraud Attorney Property Dispute Lawyer


1 hours ago When real estate fraud occurs, talk to a lawyer who understands how to prove such fraud exists. Call Ryan G.S. Au, AAL, LLLC, in Honolulu, at 808-450-2177.

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District of Columbia Real Estate Fraud AntonLegal

4 hours ago Real estate fraud can impact all the parties involved in a transaction, including: purchasers. sellers. real estate agents and brokerages. real estate lawyers. mortgagees and lenders. We …

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Mortgage Fraud Overview Real Estate Lawyers

2 hours ago Contact a Real Estate Lawyer to recover your damages as a result of mortgage fraud lending. Mortgage Fraud Lending Indicators & Common Mortgage Fraud Schemes: Property Flipping - …

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Washington DC Real Estate Lawyers Compare Top Rated

(202) 803-5676

3 hours ago Peter Antonoplos. Washington, DC Real Estate Law Lawyer with 19 years of experience. (202) 803-5676 1725 DeSales Street, N.W. Suite 600. Washington, DC 20036. Free Consultation …

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Alexandria, Virginia Lawyer for Real Estate and Related

3 hours ago We practice in Virginia and the District of Columbia. Although most of our practice involves real estate and civil litigation, our legal expertise includes other areas. With respect to real estate …

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Real Estate Fraud Law Office of Ramon de la Cabada

6 hours ago Miami Real Estate Fraud Lawyer Experienced Defense Law Firm for Real Estate Fraud Charges The real estate market collapse uncovered many types of schemes to defraud. If you …

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Real Estate Fraud Lawyer Phoenix, AZ Real Estate Fraud

3 hours ago Real Estate Fraud Lawyer Phoenix, AZ - Real Estate Fraud Law Firm Fraud Fighters Law Firm Protecting your home, family, and equity in an age of rampant real estate …

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Common Types of Real Estate Fraud The Mellor Law Firm

6 hours ago Real estate lawyers have the experience and the knowledge required to stop fraud before they can begin. How Can Mellor Law Help? The attorneys here at The Mellor …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sue your realtor for fraud?

You absolutely can sue a realtor for fraud This means if he used false information to gain an unfair advantage in a transaction. You would have to document your evidence .contracts,emails,statements etc . Present your case to an attorney and go from there. Yes, absolutely - if you have evidence that this was the case.

What are the penalties for committing real estate fraud?

  • Materially misrepresenting facts in order to obtain a loan
  • Knowingly facilitate the misrepresentation of facts
  • Receive material proceeds from the misrepresentation of facts
  • Filing a document involved in the mortgage process misrepresenting facts

Can you sue a lawyer for committing fraud?

What constitutes advice and opinion is still being determined by the courts. Clearly, an attorney could still be sued for the actions described above, but there are still questions about how much further the exemptions extend. Attorneys may also be sued for committing fraud on their clients.

How to protect yourself from real estate fraud?

“The most effective way to prevent being scammed is to pick up the phone and call the real estate agent, title company, or lender to ask if they sent an e-mail and whether the information is correct,’’ Siciliano said. “Don’t use the number in the e-mail; that’s too easy for the bad guy to change.

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