Italy Car Rental Tips

18 Helpful Tips for Renting a Car in Italy

1 hours ago When picking up your rental car in Italy you need to know what type of fuel your car requires. Diesel and Unleaded are not interchangeable. Often on rental cars there will be a sticker near the gas cap to remind you of the fuel type. You need to return your rental car with the same amount of fuel you were given.

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8 Tips For Renting A Car in Italy CarHireCompany

5 hours ago The advantages of renting a car online in Italy through CarHireCompany: Unlimited mileage Additional third-party liability insurance with a min. coverage of 7.5 million Euro Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Theft protection (TP) Refund of excess Window-tire-undercarriage-roof coverage 24/7 emergency phone number Car hire locations Italy

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A Guide To Renting A Car In Italy: 14 Most Useful Tips

2 hours ago Where to rent a car in Italy Choose the right car for your trip Manual vs Automatic Check the car before leaving, and once you return Leave plenty of time when returning the car Use a GPS but also get a road map and follow signs Be mindful of Italian traffic laws What is a ZTL? Don’t drink and drive! Further Readings Pin It For Later!

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9 Key Things to Know About Car Rentals in Italy AutoSlash

1 hours ago Here are our top tips for getting the most bang for your euro. Essential Tips for Renting a Car in Italy Book from home Don’t wait until you get to Europe to rent a vehicle. It will be cheaper to book your car from the United States. Pay for your rental in …

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Travel Tips: Car Rental in Italy

9 hours ago Seatbelts are required by law and the blood alcohol content of motorists is not to exceed 0.05%. It is possible to rent car seats along with your rental car contract. You will be asked to provide your child’s height and weight in advance to ensure the car seat will be waiting for you. You should also be aware of the road designs in Italy.

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Top tips for car rentals and driving in Italy

9 hours ago Driving in Italy Tips on everything from renting a car in Italy to Italian road signs, road rules, and saving money on car rentals. There are two reasons not to rent a large car in Italy. First, gas is expensive enough (around $6 to $8 a gallon) without having to feed a big engine haul around an oversized chassis.

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Car rental in Italy: my own experiences, tips and tricks

5 hours ago Always check twice to see if you can park somewhere in Italy. Some extra tips for renting a car in Italy This tip actually applies to every country where you rent a car, but it’s also the most important: always read your rental contract. Car rental companies often try to charge you extra costs, but don’t fall for it.

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Things to Know Before Renting a Car in Italy Anna …

Just Now Be aware that theft from rental cars is a chronic problem in southern Italy, especially Sicily. You’re safer parking your car with an attendant than on the side of the street. Don’t leave valuables inside. Just another parking spot in Italy… 3. Renting a Car in Italy: Manual vs Automatic

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Renting a Car in Italy: Your Comprehensive 2020 Guide

1 hours ago The minimum age for renting a car in Italy is 18. However, you should have had your driving license for at least a year before you are allowed to rent a car. The upper age limit for renting a car varies depending on the provider. This is commonly between 70-75 years of age.

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Tips for Renting a Car in Italy More Life in Your Days

2 hours ago We hope that the tips below help you to plan your journey through Italy by car. Italy Car Rental Tips Book in Advance for Massive Savings Arranging a hire car couldn’t be simpler, but to get cheap car rental in Italy, make sure that you book it in advance. Even if it is just the day before.

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Italy Car Rental Tips Rent a car from Avis, Hertz

3 hours ago Italy Car Rental Tips Book the right rental car category: Book an intermediate or standard size car. Economy cars are always cheaper but car rental companies always have economy cars in stock and you will get what you pay for. On the other hand, intermediate and standard car inventory is limited and it is likely that you will get a free upgrade.

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Top Tips Before Renting a Car in Italy

9 hours ago 3. Know the Rules of the Italian Road. You must be 18 to drive, though most rental car companies won't rent to you unless you are 25. Driving is done on the right-hand side of the road just like in the U.S. Italians drive fast and like to pass, so keep right and pass on the left. Don't drink and drive!

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What are the rules for renting a car in italy?

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What do i need to rent a car in italy?

What do I need to rent a car? When you’re booking a car, all you need is a debit or credit card. At the rental counter, you’ll need: Your passport. Your voucher. A driver’s license for each driver. The main driver’s credit card (some companies accept debit cards, but most don’t). Important: Check the car’s rental terms as well ...

What is the best car from italy?

  • Hypercar performance for the price of a supercar
  • Stunning, aerodynamic exterior styling
  • Modern cabin is tech-filled yet easy to use

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