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6 hours ago Arboreal tarantula enclosure (474 Results) Price ($) Any price Under $50 $50 to $200 $200 to $250 Over $250 SALE! BLEMISHED Pet spiderling insect bug enclosure - Tall MarshallArachnids 5 out of 5 stars (261) Star Seller $ 13.99. Add to Favorites

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Enclosures Jamie's Tarantulas

4 hours ago Free Ground shipping included in the price!10 x 10 x 20" Adult Tarantula Enclosure - When place.. $175.00 . More Info Add to Cart. 2.25 x 2.25 x 4.25" Arboreal Spiderling Enclosure Kit 7 x 7 x 11" Adult Tarantula Cage - Complete Arboreal Kit. Free USPS ground shipping included in the price!Main photo - Complete arboreal shown with an adult

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Wholesale Tarantula Enclosures Reptile Supply Company

6 hours ago Tarantula Enclosure - Arboreal (Lugarti) Lugarti's high quality, crystal clear Tarantula Enclosure boasts 6 flush-mounted Stainless Steel vents, two lockable hasps, polished edges, and a complete bowed front for maximum viewing. There is no other enclosure like it on the market. Size: 8" x 8" x 16" Recommend for Tarantulas 2 1/2" - 8" in length.

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Tarantula Enclosure Etsy

7 hours ago Basic Terrestrial Enclosure for Tarantulas/Velvet Spiders/Centipedes & Millipedes/Beetles, etc ArachnophilesAnon (134) $9.75 Arachnid Shop Acrylic 6" x 6" x 9" Front Opening Enclosure (Mesh Top) ArachnidShop (251) $39.99 Large Jumping Spider Enclosure ArachnophilesAnon (134) $55.50 FREE shipping Arachnid Shop Acrylic 4" x 4" x 4" ArachnidShop (251)

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Just Now Built for juvenile and small adult arboreal tarantulas, this cage has four vents, two lockable hasps, two hinges, and a hinged front loading door. Price: $85.00 (buy two and save on shipping) Small Arboreal Cage 6"x6"x10" (LxWxH) Built for juvenile tree-dwelling/burrowing spiders, this cage has three vents, one lockable hasp, two hinges, top

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Arboreal Tarantulas Tarantulas and Scorpions for sale

8 hours ago Arboreal Tarantulas. Gift Card $25.00 - $100.00 $25.00 - $100.00 On Sale On Sale Caribena versicolor (formally Avicularia) - CB - Antilles/Martinique Pinktoe $60.00 - $240.00 $0.01 - $180.00 On Sale On Sale Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens - CB - Green Bottle Blue $80.00 - $100.00 $50.00 - $70.00 Heteroscodra maculata – CB - Togo starburst

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Just Now Since 2007, I have been making handmade acrylic enclosures specifically designed for the tarantula/arachnid hobby. My cages are designed to hold in precious humidity, while providing adequate ventilation, security, and quality that will last throughout your pet's life.

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Arboreal – Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

Just Now From $25.00. Quick View. A Plush Tarantula / Spider. 16" leg span! Handling of this species is encouraged. THIS IS NOT A LIVE SPIDER! Shipped only …

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Ventilated Arboreal Enclosure – Spider Shoppe

3 hours ago Sale price. $24.00. Regular price. Sale. Sold out. Unit price. / per. Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50 with. Learn more.

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ARBOREAL CAGES Animal Plastics

6 hours ago ARBOREAL CAGES. A1- 12W X 12D X 12H $55.00. A2- 12W X 12D X 18H $70.00. A4- 16W X 16D X 18H $110.00. A6 - 18W X 18D X 18H $120.00. A7 - 24W X 18D X 24H $145.00. A8 - 24W X 24D X 24H $195.00. A10 - 24W X 24D X 36H $290.00. A15 - 36W X 24D X 48H $475.00.

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Tarantula Enclosure Arboreal Reptile Supply Company

4 hours ago These crystal clear tarantula enclosures are perfect for any type of arboreal spider with a legspan of 2" or smaller. Double vents offer proper cross-ventilation. Size: 4" x 4" x 7.25" (Juvenile) Two 1.5" Aluminum Screen Vents. More details. Warning: Last items in stock!

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Superior PVC Reptile Arboreal Cages For Sale BlackBox

6 hours ago Arboreal Cages. Filter Sort by. Filter Sort by. XA3-BIO24 (36Lx24Hx24D) - STACKABLE (14) From $295.00. XC18 (18x18x18) - STACKABLE (3) From $145.00. XA3-BIO18 (36Lx24Hx18D) - STACKABLE (5) $285.00. XC24 (24x24x24) - STACKABLE (6) From $210.00. XA-BIO-G 18Wx18Lx24H

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the husbandry of an arboreal tarantula?

The specialization of the arboreal tarantulas requires that their captive husbandry be modified from that of obligate burrowing, opportunistic burrowing or terrestrial species. Their housing should be vertically-oriented-tall instead of wide-with retreats that approximate those of their natural habitat.

What are the different types of tarantula enclosures?

There are many different tarantula enclosures available on the market today. Some of these enclosures are marketed as tarantula enclosures, others as general reptile enclosures, and some aren't even marketed as animal enclosures at all. You'll commonly see owners transform random plastic containers into an enclosure that's excellent for tarantulas.

Where can i buy a tarantula in texas?

Goliath Arachnids is a Texas based tarantula breeder and online retailer. At Goliath Arachnids, tarantulas are more than just spiders. We have unsexed, sexed, and beginner species of tarantulas for sale.

How much are joshs frogs arboreal tarantula enclosures?

Josh's Frogs Arboreal Tarantula Enclosures (Top Ventilation) 4.4 out of 5 stars31 $20.99$20.99 Save 5% when you buy $100.00of select items Get it Mon, Jan 3- Fri, Jan 7 FREE Shipping Only 15 left in stock - order soon.

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