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Frequently Asked Questions

Is renting on Airbnb worth it?

While some real estate investors have found Airbnb to be highly profitable, in some cases a long term rental may be better for your property. That being said, take the time to familiarize yourself with the platform to ensure it is the right move for you. Read through the following list of Airbnb pros and cons to learn more:

What is the minimum to furnish an Airbnb rental?

Nightstands should be in scale with regard to the size of the bed. A king bed requires a minimum of a 24″ width. We chose a distressed chest with a 31″ width, perfect for the large scaled canopy bed. 11. One Table Lamp per Nightstand $300 ($150 x 2)

How to finance an Airbnb rental?


  • LONG TERM FINANCING ON SHORT TERM RENTALS. At Tidal Loans we make Airbnb host financing simple and easy. ...
  • VACATION RENTAL LOANS | THE DETAILS. When you partner with Tidal Loans, we can provide long-term financing for Vrbo and Airbnb properties to generate cash flow.
  • Property Maintenance. ...
  • Potentially Higher Operating Cost and Upfront Costs. ...

Can I rent my apartment as an Airbnb?

The plan was to rent it to a tenant and pay rent and pay back my debt. Within seven months from putting my first lease option on Airbnb, I was managing 21 properties as a side hustle The bookings for a property have to pay the rent plus the costs to it set ...

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